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Our exterior fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for your new home or home project. Use our website to custom design the perfect door for your perfect home. Our products all include a satisfaction guarantee.
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Smooth-Star: Despite the popularity of steel doors, builders have never been happy with the problems inherent in this material - most notably, rusting and denting, along with necessitate. Therma-Tru responded in with Smooth-Star, a door that incorporated the smooth fiberglass look of painted steel while eliminating dents, dings and rust. We call Smooth-Star the Steel Beater, not only because it''s competitively priced with steel doors, but also because it looks better, feels better and performs better. Plus, its 20-year custom limited warranty is twice that of most steel products. Clearly the Best Value It took steel the better part of three decades to overtake wood as the material of choice for residential entry doors. Interior Therma-Tru door expects door to eclipse steel residential much faster.

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We have seen fiberglass products readily accepted by home builders across the nation, says Oleshansky. Wood and steel doors simply cannot compete with the beauty, energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and variety offered by today''s doors that are produced from doors fiberglass.

Divided lites You can purchase true divided-lite (the industry term for multiple panes) doors from some manufacturers. Many doormakers offer snap-in, false muntins that do a fair job of mimicking the look of divided lites but are much less expensive and make glass easier to clean. Sliders that more closely resemble divided-lite doors have both snap-in grilles and matching false muntins sandwiched between the two panes of insulating glass. A pair of 6-foot-wide doors like these costs about. Another option is a miniblind or pleated shade encased between the two panes of insulated glass; the interior glass panel is removable so the binds can be easily cleaned. Listing at about, these are pricey, but they save the cost of window coverings.

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