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Our exterior fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for your new home or home project. Use our website to custom design the perfect door for your perfect home. Our products all include a satisfaction guarantee.
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Classic-Craft is our top of the tine, premium product catalog. It''s a door which is made of fiberglass that has all the beauty and design appeal of a wood door without the inherent maintenance problems. The doors polyurethane foam core offers an insulation value five times greater than wood. And. They won''t warp, crack, rot or split. According to a recent Brand Study. more builders use Therma-Tru doors than any other brand. That''s because successful home builders wood want a door that can withstand the demands of the job site, that requires little maintenance and that reduces callbacks. The company that successfully pioneered steel entry doors now drives the demand for fiberglass, promoting its superior looks and performance. Established nearly 40 years ago, Therma-Tru Doors has always believed that to succeed, a manufacturer must stress quality and innovation, and then support them with a level of customer service second to none. doors Putting excellence to builders first -- excellence in both product and service -- is the only sure way to uphold your trusted brand name.

Now the nation''s leading producer of steel doors, Therma-Tru helped build the market for that product category. The effectiveness of that pioneering effort is reflected in the market share steel currently holds. For the past two decades company has focused its commitment to quality fiberglass and innovation on doors, the fastest-growing segment within the exterior door category. We were interested in differentiating ourselves from the rest of wood the market -- that''s the only way to be profitable in the long term recalling hiscompany''s motivation for pursuing fiberglass. Therma-Tru recruited a ream of engineers and assigned them the mission of developing a new product that would put perform both wood and steel. doors The team blended fiberglass and resins to invent a sheet-molding compound, as well as the tooling to transform those supplies into a door skin. After extensive laboratory and field testing, the fiberglass industry''s first door hit the market: the Fiber-Classic.

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