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Our exterior fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for your new home or home project. Use our website to custom design the perfect door for your perfect home. Our products all include a satisfaction guarantee.
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Beautifully detailed supplies, Classic-Craft and Fiber-Classic doors look and feel just like wood. Their durable fiberglass surface features a rich red oak grain, but unlike wood doors, they won''t split, dent, or warp. Plus, they''re backed by a lifetime-limited warranty. And, there''s Smooth-Star -- the new fiber glass Steel-Beater door. When comparing fiber glass Smooth-Star doors to steel, the differences are dramatic -- better looks, better feel, better performance and twice the warranty of steel doors.For 35 years, Therma-Tru Doors and systems have been synonymous with quality and innovation. Innovative manufacturing techniques and a sixth sense of market trends make Therma-Tru the nation''s leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel doors. Fiberglass is the future, and smart, forward-thinking builders agree that Therma-Tru has the doors they need now and for the future.

Doors are priced less for Fiberglass than wood and only somewhat more than steel. But by climinating callbacks, fiberglass also provides the builder substantial savings in time and money. Over the long run, fiberglass is clearly the best red value for the builder and his custom. As with steel oak doors a generation ago, Therma-Tru systems continues to drive the shift to doors. Nearly half of the respondents to. More than one in four (27%) voted Therma-Tru the No. red I brand in the exterior and entry door category. Both ratings are well ahead of those for the nearest competition. Making doors that last made us first. We''re proud of the fact that Therma-Tru has helped create the fiberglass frenzy, and we remain focused on continuing our long-standing tradition of providing the high-quality, innovative oak products our customers need. We intend to remain the brand leader in the residential door industry. Fewer Callbacks Drive Builders'' Choice of Therma-Tru. Why are more and more home builders switching from steel doors to Therma-Tru? A dramatic reduction in job-site callbacks to repair or replace dented or dinged doors sits squarely atop the list of reasons.

And, there''s Smooth-Star-the new red patented Steel-Beater door. It''s a perfect alternative to steel and comparably priced. With proven, durable, fiberglass construction, Smooth-Star comes with a 20-year limited warranty, twice that of steel doors. Therma-Tru has always stood for quality and innovation, which translates into peace of mind for our customers Doors. Therma-Tru is the most recognized brand in the door industry. For 35 years, Therma-Tru Doors has been synonymous with quality and innovation. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and an ability to recognize market trends make Therma-Tru the nation''s leading manufacturer of doors for exterior purposes. More than 35 years ago, Therma-Tru engineers revolutionized the door industry by creating beautiful doors made of fiberglass for the exterior with all the benefits and none of the disadvantages of wood or steel doors. Once the standard, wood and steel simply can''t compete with the energy-efficiency, durability and variety offered by fiberglass Therma-Tru doors. Distinctive look and pronounced detail highlight new raised panel doors added to the Therma-Tru line of Classic-Craft. New entry door is available in over 100 styles, including single, double and triple panel combinations, five doorlite configurations and six elegant glass patterns. Doors have matching sidelites and transoms and feature a rich, red oak grain that can be stained with the firm''s Finishing System.

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