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Our exterior fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for your new home or home project. Use our website to custom design the perfect door for your perfect home. Our products all include a satisfaction guarantee.
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And, there''s Smooth-Star-the new patented Steel-Beater door. It''s a perfect alternative to steel and comparably priced. With proven, durable, fiberglass construction, Smooth-Star comes with a 20-year limited warranty, twice that of steel doors. Therma-Tru has always stood for quality and innovation, which translates into peace of mind for our customers Doors. Therma-Tru is the most recognized brand in the door industry. For 35 years, Therma-Tru Doors has been synonymous with quality and innovation. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and an ability to recognize market trends make Therma-Tru the nation''s leading manufacturer of doors for exterior purposes. More than 35 years ago, Therma-Tru engineers revolutionized the door industry by creating beautiful doors made of fiberglass for the exterior with all the benefits and none home of the disadvantages of wood or steel doors. Once the standard, wood plan and steel simply can''t compete with the energy-efficiency, durability and variety offered by fiberglass Therma-Tru doors. Distinctive look and pronounced detail highlight new raised panel doors added to the Therma-Tru line of Classic-Craft. New entry door is available in over 100 styles, including single, double and triple panel combinations, five doorlite configurations and six elegant glass patterns. Doors have matching sidelites and transoms and feature a rich, red oak grain that can be stained with the firm''s Finishing System.

Classic-Craft is our top of the tine, premium product catalog. It''s a door which is made of fiberglass that has all the beauty and design appeal of a wood door without the inherent maintenance problems. The doors polyurethane foam core offers an insulation value five times greater than wood. And. They won''t warp, crack, rot or split. According to a recent Brand Study. more builders use Therma-Tru doors than any other brand. That''s because successful home builders want a door that can withstand the demands of the job site, that requires little maintenance and that reduces callbacks. The company that successfully pioneered steel entry doors now drives the demand for fiberglass, promoting its superior looks and performance. Established nearly 40 years ago, Therma-Tru Doors has always believed that to succeed, a manufacturer must stress quality and innovation, and then support them with a level of customer service second to none. Putting excellence to builders first -- excellence in both product and service -- is the only sure way to uphold your trusted brand name.

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