Our exterior fiberglass doors are the perfect fit for your new home or home project. Use our website to custom design the perfect door for your perfect home. Our products all include a satisfaction guarantee.
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Therma-Tru doors, which are made of fiberglass, have redefined the traditional concept of high-performance building supplies. The company pioneered the polyurethane foam core, now CEC-free, which offers five times greater insulation value than wood doors. Therma-Tru is also the first exterior door manufacturer to feature a full thermal break which prevents the transmission of heat and cold through the surface. Our doors are made of fiberglass so they won''t dent, crack, split or splinter, which means they eliminate callbacks for you. Therma-Tru recognized the need for a more durable, highly efficient door. In 1983, it introduced the first door, the Fiber-Classic. The door became so popular that today, Therma-Tru offers three door lines including fiberglass Classic-Craft, Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star. For the builder and the customer, there''s a Therma-Tru door to add style and curb appeal to every home whether it''s the ultimate luxury hinge residence or a starter home. Beautifully detailed, Classic-Craft and Fiber-Classic doors look and feel just like wood. Their durable fiberglass surface features a rich red oak grain, but unlike wood doors they don''t come saddled with inherent maintenance problems. Plus, they''re backed by a lifetime-limited warranty.

Divided lites You can purchase true divided-lite (the industry term for multiple panes) doors from some manufacturers. Many doormakers offer snap-in, false muntins that do a fair job of mimicking the look of divided lites but are much less expensive and make glass easier to clean. Sliders that more closely hinge resemble divided-lite doors have both snap-in grilles and matching false muntins sandwiched between the two panes of insulating glass. A pair of 6-foot-wide doors like these costs about. Another option is a miniblind or pleated shade encased between the two hinge panes of insulated glass; the interior glass panel is removable so the binds can be easily cleaned. Listing at about, these are pricey, but they save the cost of window coverings.

Therma-Tru Doors have extremely strong brand name recognition with homeowners -- which translates into greater recognition for the builders who use their product. Builders know they can turn to Therma-Tru catalog of Doors to build a new home with curb appeal that starts at the door for the front. Today''s most successful builders demand doors that can withstand the wear and tear that occurs both during installation and over time. The ability to stand up to these demands is one of the main reasons builders are increasingly turning away from wood and steel and selecting doors for the interior. Eliminating builder callbacks, doors save time and money in the repair and maintenance of wood and steel doors.

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